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Cornell Scott-Hill Health Conference Center


Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center


New Haven, CT


1,054 SF


Boardroom, video-conferencing room, food preparation area 


Jim Fiora 

As Connecticut’s first private, non-profit community health center, established in 1968, Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center is committed to providing accessible, comprehensive and quality primary and behavioral health care to low income and underserved residents in the Greater New Haven area. Over the past fifty years, its staff of 550 healthcare professionals have served the needs of more than 36,000 patients at 23 locations.


The program for the conference center includes a 600 square foot boardroom, 270 square foot video-conferencing room, and 184 square foot food preparation area.


The visual focal point of the boardroom is the custom-made mahogany conference room table. Its U-shape easily accommodates twenty, black-leather upholstered, classic Eames aluminum chairs. Additionally, its design allows for the installation of power electronic modules and voice/data connections, as well as channels for wire management. The interior wall of the room features full-height butt-glazed panels that permit light to enter from the hallway; however, an opaque pattern etched into the glass dividers simultaneously provides privacy to the room’s occupants as well. The space is illuminated by a combination of suspended and recessed fixtures, as well as the daylight that filters through the glass walls.


The more intimate video-conferencing room, with seating for eight, has powerful high quality audio-visual equipment. It is designed to facilitate collaboration among smaller teams, and the teleconferencing capability enables remote participation. The meeting room is finished in the same palette as the boardroom, and features similar furnishings.


A curvilinear wall of glass block leads to the centrally-located food preparation room which serves as a staging area when meetings in the boardroom and/or video-conferencing room are catered. The prep room features resilient flooring, built-in countertops, refrigerator, sink, and microwave ovens.

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