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Cut-in-Two Island Residence

Thimble Islands, Branford, CT

JOSEPH SEPOT ARCHITECTS is an award-winning, interdisciplinary architecture and interior design firm with deep experience in all aspects of the architectural process. Since 1996, the firm has designed a wide range of projects of varying scale and purpose for healthcare, commercial, institutional, and residential clients located primarily in CT, MA, NY, PA, and RI.

JSA healthcare projects are designed for optimal functionality and efficiency, and for the comfort and well-being of patients and staff alike.

JSA has designed vibrant community spaces for institutional clients and municipal entities in concert with local councils, building committees, and end users.

From interior renovations and tenant fit-outs to new construction projects, JSA has designed numerous engaging commercial environments.

The firm has partnered with residential clients to create distinctive homes of lasting value and beauty in a variety of architectural aesthetics.

These in-progress design schemes have been translated into detailed, visualizations to accurately illustrate essential aspects of the project in its proposed final form.

Every project is a fully realized collaboration between the JSA team and its clients — always mindful of programmatic goals, client budget, deadlines, current technologies, natural resources, site location, and appropriate construction materials. 

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