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JSA was asked to design a new clinic, surgical center, and administrative offices for Digestive Disease Associates, LLC (DDA) on Main Street in Branford. The practice provides a full range of gastroenterology services including: colon cancer screening, colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, endoscopic ultrasonography, and esophageal dilation.


DDA purchased an existing two-story Italianate building (c. 1850) that had undergone numerous additions and alterations over the years, and had most recently been occupied by another medical practice. In restoring the exterior of the original home, all subsequent additions were removed to reveal the original historic structure. The remaining 1,400 square foot building was restored and repurposed solely for administrative usage.


To address the other components of the program, the project also included the design of a 3,600 square foot addition. The new construction, which is more than double the size of the original building, houses the clinic and outpatient surgical facility. As the facility is prominently located on Main Street, the character of the exterior was of paramount importance. The new construction, while offering a distinct place of entry for patients and visitors, harmonizes with the existing architectural style. The hip roof, which features a deep cornice, is similar in proportion and scale to the original building. Details to the addition’s exterior such as trim profiles, fenestrations, and exterior finishes are also in keeping with the original aesthetic.


The entire program included: physicians’ offices; a clinic with reception and waiting room, vestibule, 3 exam rooms, 2 scheduling offices, supply room and patient toilets; while the ambulatory surgical center encompassed a reception and waiting room, vestibule, 2 pre-procedure rooms, 2 procedure rooms, 2 post-procedure rooms, nurses’ station, medical supplies room, nurse manager’s office, clean / soiled storage, cylinder storage, staff toilets, and janitor’s closet.


Digestive Disease Associates, LLC


Branford, CT


5,000 SF


Ambulatory surgical center with reception/waiting area, vestibule, 2 pre-procedure rooms, 2 procedure rooms, 2 post-procedure rooms, nurses’ station, medical supplies room, administrative offices and storage


Dennis M. Carbo


Digestive Disease Associates
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