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YNHH Cystoscopy Operating Rooms


Yale New Haven Health


New Haven, CT


1,065 SF


Renovation of two existing cystoscopy operating rooms and observation room


Jim Fiora

Yale New Haven Hospital commissioned JSA to upgrade the infrastructure and heighten the efficiency of two existing cystoscopy operating rooms and a centrally-located observation room. This project required the additional challenge of executing construction without interrupting procedures occurring in adjacent surgical suites on the same floor of the hospital.  

Meticulous planning and a comprehensive understanding of programmatic requirements were required in redesigning the observation and operating rooms. YNHH’s goal for this project was to address the expanding needs of patients, enhance the performance of the medical team, and implement major upgrades to technological systems by installing the most sophisticated surgical equipment available to date. 

To maximize available floor space and streamline tasks performed during surgery, an Operating Room Integration System was incorporated into the project. With the ability to be controlled by a single operator in the observation room, the OR Integration System efficiently provides patient data directly to the surgical staff, negating their need to move around or enter the surgical field unnecessarily. Mounted to the ceiling and to light-arms attached to surrounding walls, the video monitors can be viewed from any location in the OR. The system also includes ceiling-mounted, high-quality lighting that is crucial to performing intricate procedures.

To enhance hygiene and efficiency of surgical operations, finishes include antimicrobial work surfaces and poured epoxy flooring. The spacious operating spaces, which are brightly and uniformly illuminated with LED fixtures, are furnished with mobile work stations and tables to accommodate any configuration.

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