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Yale New Haven Hospital’s Pediatric Dental Center


Yale New Haven Health


New Haven, CT


7,600 SF


6 treatment rooms, 2 procedure rooms with recovery room, orthodonture bay, laboratory, Pan/Ceph Imaging room, decontamination room, sterilization and sterile storage, waiting room and reception area, conference room, and employee breakroom


Jim Fiora 

Yale New Haven Hospital’s Pediatric Dental Center provides comprehensive and urgent care to patients up to the age of 16 years old, with particular emphasis on treatment for children with special needs. The program for the 7,600 square foot facility includes ten treatment rooms, five private offices, a large waiting room and reception area, conference room, and a breakroom for staff.


Highly cognizant of the relationship between dental health and overall wellness, the Pediatric Dental Center at Yale focuses on prevention, early detection, and treatment of dental disease. In addition to emergency care, comprehensive services provided at the facility include: consultations, oral health examinations, diagnostic imaging, preventive care, restorative care, preventive and interceptive orthodontics, and emergency care.


Visitors and patients check in at an oak curvilinear reception desk and individual kiosks. A restorative color palette of pale green, light yellow, and warm beige, which coordinates with the aesthetic of the Yale New Haven adult dental facility, compliments the rich earth tones of the floor. Special consideration was given to the exam and treatment rooms to ensure equipment clearances and occupant comfort. All finishes and materials were selected to maximize hygiene and promote patient and staff well-being.

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